Hey, You There!

You with The Purple Eyebags!

Yes, that’s right… You!….

  • Are you plagued by seemingly endless sleepless nights?
  • Does your small child operate on a relentlessly nocturnal schedule to rival that of Nosferatu?
  • Do you wake up grumpy and inert and totally unprepared to face the work / chores / school runs of the day ahead?

Well fear not, my bleary-eyed friends. Gone are the days of awakening, confused and groggy, only to feel jealous and resentful of your sleep-blessed partners and peers.

Because it turns out the joke’s on them.

In fact, there are many bonuses for perpetually reduced sleep hours. You too can reap these rewards – Just follow these tips to enrich your lives accordingly…

(Read ’em and weep, Mums of good sleepers – In your faces!)


**Here are 10 surprising benefits of sleep deprivation for exhausted Mums:-

1.) Raising children can be expensive. Save money by literally never going out in the evenings because you can’t stay awake beyond 9.30pm.

2.) Too tired to be arsed with makeup or doing your hair? Ideal! Improve your skin (eyebags aside) and hair, reducing exposure to unnatural chemicals by failing to apply any products whatsoever, thus allowing both to breathe au naturelle.

3.) Improve your knowledge of contemporary popular culture by spending those wakeful night hours Googling whether that bloke you saw in that thing last night was also the same bloke that was in that other thing you saw the other week.

4.) Having problems shifting that post-baby weight? No problem. Lose weight easily by being too knackered to get up and get snacks from the kitchen. (Admittedly this does sometimes backfire if you’re also too knackered to cook proper food and consequently eat an entire packet of chocolate Hobnobs for lunch, but still…)

5.) Save yourself both time and money by reducing your laundry pile. Seeing as you’re too tired to go out, you can stay in the same joggers or jammy bottoms for several days. (There’s no point getting into ‘proper clothes’ seeing as no-one’s going to see you from your permanent position on the couch watching Cbeebies with your small child today.)

6.) Improve your skills of introspection and philosophy by spending the wee hours awake with your teething / poorly / just plain wide-awake child, pondering whether reincarnation really happens and what you must have done in a past life to have to endure such a protracted phase of sleeplessness in this one.

7.) Help the environment by being too tired to do the dishes, thus saving water and reducing the amount of detergents used in your increasingly cluttered and mouldering kitchen.

8.) Improve your (online) social life no end by thoroughly plundering your twitter and facebook feeds at three o’clock in the morning. (See end of the post for more tips on this.) Enhance your interactions and engagement by posting status updates about having no sleep, so that other online Mum friends can empathise/commiserate/feel relieved it’s not them. (This will probably be the closest you come to socialising for some time, so you might as well make the best of it.)

9.) Enjoy piquing people’s interest, having developed a new and strangely alluring element of mystery during transient interactions with others, with your devil-may-care attitude and eclectic clothing choices.

10.) Fed up with your messy house, lack of personal style, and lacklustre career? Turn that lack of get-up-and-go into a big plus by lowering your expectations. Then congratulate yourself for making it through the whole day whilst staying conscious. You Go, Girl!


There you have it.

A veritable wealth of life enhancing features at your fingertips. I’ll bet you don’t even miss sleep now you’ve got these puppies under your hat.



**Disclosure: This post was written following approximately 3 hours sleep. I take absolutely no responsibility for typos, factual errors, weak concepts, or grammatical faux pas.


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27 comments on “10 Surprising Benefits Of Sleep Deprivation For Exhausted Mums – With Tips!”

  1. Oh I have been that soldier. I like your outlook though!! I could never understand how my laundry pile grew and I only wore pyjamas

    • It’s like the magic porridge pot, the more laundry you put in the more it grows and grows! xx

  2. Oh I have been that soldier. I like your outlook though!! I could never understand how my laundry pile grew and I only wore pyjamas #fortheloveBLOG

  3. Number 2 is totally me! I rarely put make up on any longer and I just tell myself that it must be good for my skin…even though my skin looks awful all the time. Number 3 as well! I feel like I’ve learnt so much about so many actors now haha. #fortheloveofblog

  4. Do you know me, have we met?! You are writing about my life and I thought it would get better as he got older, but I have just swapped night feeds for wet beds, nightmares and a thirst that cannot be quenched at 2.30 am #coolmumclub

    • Sometimes I feel like I’ll never sleep again… crap eh? Still, there’s always wine! xx

  5. Love it! Sadly its a teenager causing my sleep deprivation and my 4-year-old who is in my bed because of sleep apnea. Wish I could say it gets easier but it doesn’t and I don’t think the sleep deprivation will go away until they move out!

  6. I love this – so true although I am the mum that falls back on a pack of hobnobs for breakfast because I’m too tired to make toast…

  7. Lol this is all so true especially the bit about saving money because you are too damn tired to do anything in the evenings! Every cloud eh? Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  8. Number 3 genuinely made me LOL. The others are pretty lolz too. ALL THE LOLZ. Great post and spot on my social media friend… I am typing this in my jumper and PJ bottoms (only managed to get half changed for bed) wearing no make up and pondering getting a snack but not being arsed to get up and go to the kitchen. See. SPOT ON. x

    • Haha! I love that we appear to be living our lives in tandem! Glad you liked it. Big love to you lady xxx

  9. Ha! Number 4 all over… except being too tired to eat healthily. I used to be awful at just bringing the whole packet of biscuits with me so i didn’t have to go back… oh dear.. Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG x

  10. My fave has to be saving the environment by not washing up the dishes! I always leave it until theres a bloody huge stack haha #Coolmumclub

  11. This post is genius! I love it! Hahaha. I must’ve saved a fortune on never going out in the evenings and yes I google all kinds of random things when I’m forcibly awake at silly o’clock! So funny! #blogcrush

  12. #thesatsesh Great humour and i love the topic. I always feel super guilty that my sons a sleeper….and totes blessed. This is the reason he is an only child, i can take the risk now I’ve seen so many friends melt under sleep deprivation.

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