Calling All Frazzled Mums!

Imagine, if you will, a place of peace, calm and sunshine.

Imagine hearing nothing but the soft chirrup of crickets and calls of birds as you lie, relaxing in a hammock in the Spanish sun, next to an azure pool.

Imagine wakening gently each morning, without being startled into consciousness by a loud shout from the bathroom demanding you wipe a pooey bum.

Imagine days without a single request for biscuits or Cheesestrings, or demands to referee sibling squabbles, and peaceful uninterrupted nights brimming with sleep.



Imagine meals packed full of delicious food, eaten at your leisure, without a single complaint or demand for chips or Weetabix.

Imagine an entire break all about YOU, with dreamy yoga and rejuvinating pilates sessions to relax and vitalise you, massage sessions and lazy afternoons in the sun.


Imagine a 5 or 7 day break in May, designed for YOU, specifically to make YOU feel fabulous…

Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!?

Well, thanks to the beautiful souls at Pomegranate Retreats, The Mum Conundrum can bring you and a friend one step toward a few days in paradise.


Pomegranate Retreats are running a limited offer, exclusive to The Mum Conundrum Facebook Group members!…

If you and a friend book together before 31st March, you can get up to *£175 off your joint booking!

You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

So call in the childcare, shrug off that Mum guilt and book you and your bestie a mini-break. Christ knows you deserve it!

All you need to do is this:

1.) Make sure that both you and your friend are have both joined The Mum Conundrum Facebook Group.

2.) Pop over to the Pomegranate Retreats Facebook Page for all the details, and get in touch with Jenny or Fran (The lovely ladies at the helm) to book.

3.) Make sure to mention The Mum Conundrum to get your stonking discount.

4.) Book yourself a little slice of heaven – and enjoy!

(You can always show your appreciation by popping over to The Mum Conundrum Facebook Page and giving me a like and a follow too. I’m all about the love, people).

You can contact me, or check out my social media channels here too.

Places are limited, and are going fast, so book quickly to avoid disappointment. You’ve earned this, Mama! x



**Please note, this is NOT a sponsored post. It’s just an awesome deal I’ve managed to wangle for my facebook group lovelies.**

I hope you like it xx



*discount varies according to length of stay. The £175 discount featured is for the 7 day stay. For a 5 day booking the discount is £125.

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