I’m Kate Evans. That’s me in the picture, with my three pint sized delinquents and my husband Pete. That photo was taken in our garden in a rare moment of calm and relative chill amidst the general chaos and epic noise levels of day to day life.


Here’s the story of why I set up The Mum Conundrum

Before I had kids, people with kids frequently said to me “Of course, everything changes when you have kids.”

“Y’huh” I’d think.

And I thought I got it, because obviously things would be different, and I’d have all this responsibility, and I couldn’t pop out for a few drinks after work on a whim, or lie-in with my boyfriend until 2pm because we had a hangover blah blah blah.

“You’re stating the obvious my friend. I am not a moron” I would think serenely to myself whilst taking another slurp of wine and changing the topic.

It wasn’t until I had a baby myself that I realised how vague and yet how entirely true that statement was. And I don’t think anyone can grasp the enormity of this fundamental life shift until they are in amongst it.

Everything changes. E V E R Y T H I N G.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love being a Mum. I love my kids. I frequently wish they came with a mute button and possibly a maid, but they are pretty awesome, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What I would change, what categorically does my head in, is how bloody COMPLICATED everything gets once you’ve popped a sprog or two.

There is always a need to KNOW MORE THINGS when you are a Mum. It’s fair to say that I am a compulsive Googler. Google is my friend. Google is my oracle. What Mums did before the Internet boggles my mind.

When I first became a Mum I had a steady stream of questions, as most new Mums do. Questions like “when will my baby sleep through the night” (desperately typed at 3am), gave way to “how to soothe a teething baby” and “best foods for weaning” which gave way to “when will my baby begin to walk” and “potty training methods” and so on and so forth.

These days I’ve developed a pretty good stable of go-to sites and blogs which I use a lot. I also work online, and I use a lot of social media, both for work and as a Mum, so I am constantly upgrading and adding to my list of bests.

It was because of my impressive library of Googled go-to resources that I began The Mum Conundrum. Originally I set out to create a resource hub – a place where Mums could find links to all the best sites on the topics they tend to Google, to save them the hassle of sifting through pages and pages of Google results.

As this site has grown it has begun to evolve into something slightly different. These days it is as much about my Mum Life experiences as the resource reviews.

The two aspects of this site sit nicely together, which is great, because it means I get to regale you with my own take on parenthood IRL and I still get to provide a platform where I can share all the best online sites, blogs and resources that I find.

I hope you like it :0)