What Fresh Hell is This?!?

What’s this all about then? Let me explain…

I am an experienced (some might say veteran) Mother, obsessive Googler, and would-be raconteur.

These three factors mean that I have a pretty good library of life experience when it comes to Mumming, I am pretty good at solving Mum Conundrums by finding what I need online, and (so I’m told) not too shabby at writing about them.

A few months ago I had the idea of putting together some sort of resource site for all the stuff I Google, listing the best of the net on a variety of subjects that Mums tend to search, to save other Mums the hassle.

As I went about getting started, I listened to the feedback on the blog posts I wrote. Lots of Mums told me that they liked best about my posts was reading about experiences from my down-to-earth, real life, slightly glib perspective. 

What seemed to resonate was that my blogs are about observational humour. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes a bit sad, usually a bit sweary, and often a bit inappropriate; but they are always honest and truthful.

With this in mind, my mission is to write about proper, everyday, Mum life.

Not all shiny and Insta-ready, but how it really is IRL. Warts and all. My Review Blogs are designed to provide handy links to resources that can help Mums negotiate the topics I blog about in my Mum Life Blogs.

The Mum Conundrum aims to provide advice and resources, support and entertainment, and also reassurance that you’re doing a bang up job Mumming, even though it can be frustrating, stressful and sometimes downright hard.

And to help you see the funny side, even about the things that make you want to drink all the wine and tear your hair out.

How to Use This Site:

1.)  First of all, go to the Join Our Tribe section, join the Facebook group,and become a ConundruMum. I share lots of funny stuff, my latest blogs, freebies, and other interesting bits of Internet. It’s an ace little community (even if I do say so myself) and you can post your own questions, comments and funny stuff, and chat with other members.

I also host a weekly blogger’s thread where other parent bloggers share their best new blogs for the group to read, so there’s loads on there to keep you entertained.

2.) Pop to the Blogsville tab to have a shufty of my latest blogs.

3.) If you know exactly what you’re after, click on the handy Links to Everything tab, and you can find all the stuff I’ve written about. There is an alphabetical list of every link I’ve used, and then a list of my blogs arranged by topic, displaying snippets of each, so you can check it’s the sort of thing you’re looking for at a glance.

4.) Come and stalk me on social media. I’m all over the shop these days. Follow me on Twitter (mainly for silly stuff, GIFs and memes).

5.) I am living breathing opposite of a Pinterest Mum, seeing as the interiors of my house are largely comprised of slightly stained soft furnishings, snot and dried Weetabix. However, I have set up a Mum Conundrum Pinterest account with loads of boards full of useful stuff you might like, so feel free to have a look and plunder those resources.

6.) As with Pinterest, so with Instagram. My family and I are most definitely NOT Insta-ready, but I post stuff on there too, which is fairly entertaining…

So come on, dig in, have a shufty and get involved.


What’s your Mum Conundrum?

Have you got a gem of a site up your sleeve that could save the rest of us from Google burnout? Or perhaps you’re looking for resources but coming up blank and you’d like my help? Maybe you’re struggling with an aspect of your own Mum life and would just like to hear my take on it?

Drop me a line and tell me a bit about who you are and what you’d like to contribute :0)

I’m also PR friendly where the fit is right. This site works on honesty, so if you’ve got a resource, site or brand which sits nicely next to The Mum Conundrum, give me a shout. I’m all ears x